Rest is the best thing, but only if you have just finished a full day’s work. If you’ve rested the whole day, more rest will just bore you and kill your energy.

Sleep is the natural and best way to rest. If you work during the day, you will have a good and fulfilling sleep. If you slack off all day, your sleep will be shallow and probably affect your entire body and mind significantly if you do it often enough.

The best way is to work during the day and rest during the night. Do your best to keep these two separate. Nighttime work might be necessary for some, but you should only go into such an arrangement if it is the only option.

Live your days as if you’re doing everything to have the best sleep you can possibly have. Look forward for the rest you will enter after a day’s work.

The objective of sleep will motivate you to work courageously and vigorously. It will also give you hope. And hope is a wonderful thing to have at all times and for anyone.