Anything longer than a day is hard to keep track. Weeks, months, year. They get out of hand. Just the same for anything shorter than a day. Hours, minutes, seconds. They just escape your control.

It’s best to think in terms of days. The day is the single most perfect unit of time to consider. It is clearly edged of by sleep. Starts upon waking and ends upon falling asleep.

Your life is the sum of all your todays. It is redundant to plan ahead weeks, months, years. Also, you can make a schedule for every hour and minute of the day, but you will fail to follow it. None of the time units are optimal for setting aside. Except the day.

You can make a simple plan for today. Put it in your mind. Then go do it. Without timing yourself, without forcing activities to fit into a minute or hour.

Do the work and keep it up. That’s the simple way to finish anything.

In the morning, look forward to your new day. See what needs to be done and the day is yours to do it. If you miss out your detailed schedule, you will lose the will and pleasure of the work. It will eat you from the inside.

If you stick to planning for the entire day, the day will unfold like a lotus flower for you.