Once you’ve decided what it is you should do, give it your all. Put your whole body into it. Bring full attention and concentration to the issue at hand.

Jump into the water. It is better to risk a little for a greater reward. Once in a while your risks will lead to a failure. That may cause some damage. That being said, if your attitude changes entirely, causing you to be courageous about your endeavors, you will reap more rewards and win more often than lose.

It is courage that does half the job. Go for it with courage. See the power that has.

Be careful about it, too. It is a foolish endeavor to jump out of a flying plane without a parachute. Courage, you will find in this case, helps little for the landing.

That is an evident example. It is the evident dangers you should avoid. Not the probable ones.

If you have the what-might-happen attitude, you have already lost. It is the courageous who win, because they do not listen to fleeting worries.

Put your whole self into it. The mind, the body, the drive. Let it all come together for one single purpose.

Do not add anything that isn’t required. You will chase too many rabbits and fail to catch even one. Pick a lane and go full speed on it.