Look back to see what you have done, the words you used, the people you’ve helped or hurt.

Is it good or is it bad? You need to constantly review what you have affected, at a large scale or a small one, and see if it was good or bad.

You might have a simple habit for this. At the end of every day, after you’ve turned off the lights and got into bed ready to fall asleep, look back upon the whole day. This is the only time most people are free of all distractions.

Take it from the end or the beginning. Go through every interaction, every action, every reaction. See what you did, spoke, caused, implied, proposed, asked, replied, yelled, sweared, whispered, built, alluded, measured, chosen, shut, opened, stopped, began.

Measure these with simple the ratings of good and bad. Every good thing you did, remember to do it again on the occasion. Every bad thing you did, watch yourself not to do it again if the opportunity arises.

This should only take a few minutes. They are precious minutes and in time you will find great value in doing this.

After you’re finished, burn the thoughts and give yourself to sleep. Tomorrow is a great opportunity to do better than today.