Do you go on a regular walk in the park? What’s special about this walk? Is it the birds? Do you enjoy running into acquaintances? Or even talking to strangers? Maybe it’s the roses you love looking at.

Find a name to call this walk of yours. Say, “The Walk of Roses”. Then simply say, “I’m going on the walk of roses.”

Do you like to paint using some unique coloring method? Call it something like “Harmonicolor”.

Choose a romantic name to call your partner. Let that be reserved to only you. No document or legal name-changing required. This is special. Call her “Honeybee”, call him “Risotto”. You pick, angling it on some meaning, be it an inside joke or a cultural reference.

Do this yourself. Name things around you. Use the names. Keep them pleasant for both you and the recipient, be it animate or inanimate.

These are life’s little pleasures.