Upon the path you are walking, look upon it and find beauty in it.

Assume I am talking about destiny as if it is the thing that will eventually happen, not one that was pre-written for you.

Building expectations is a common activity for people. But it does not help.

You want this and that, you want that and this. Your house needs to be such and such. Your partner needs to be such and such. Your career should be such and such.

However, things always turn out differently. Not for the worse. But differently than you expect them.

This might create displeasure in you. Or even inner disappointment. But it isn’t a bad thing. You’re just not looking enough to see.

Once you free your mind of expectations, you can see what eventually does happen and appreciate things for what they are. They can be better than you expected them, but in a different way.

Look for that. Appreciate it.