A quick-to-brag mouth will soon bring destruction upon itself. In a more or less obvious manner.

It is the best approach not to brag at all. Note that bragging is an ill habit. There is a great advantage to announcing yourself or things you are involved with. This is a matter of communication. But bragging is a form of putting yourself on a pedestal. It is a form of belittling.

The first reason you shouldn’t brag is because things may change against you. They do change all the time, even right after you go full-on bragging to the whole world. It’s not a pretty look on your face when that happens.

The second reason against bragging prematurely is the way it makes you look by itself. It lowers your authority and smudges your reputation. The result of these alone will make things go worse for you in the long run.

The bragging person will suffer consequences regardless. It’s a self-destructive behavior.