All too often, creation is impeded by fear. You’d rather not create anything than to create something bad.

Some call this writer’s block. Others call it resistance. It is after all only fear. An unfounded fear. To flee when none pursues.

It helps to think of how things start. A child starts by knowing nothing. After many months of failed attempts, they may begin to mumble some words. Within a couple of years of training and interaction, they can now speak fluidly. But they had to start by mumbling.

You need to clear out your fear. You need to start creating. No matter the outcome.

After you have a bad version in front of you, in a tangible manner, you can now work on it. So once you have it there, you are able to add to it, subtract from it, mold it, refactor it, collaborate on it, grow to love it.

Then you may find it has grown to a great quality. You may be surprised how good something bad can become.

Or it may still seem mediocre. You may not be able to do anything else to it. It may not be destined to become anything special.

But it is special for you because it is a product of your creation. With every creation you become a better creator. With every mistake, you learn. With every bad product, you get closer to making a good product.

Start with low expectations. After it’s started, the sky is the limit.