You are capable of making stuff. Both good and bad.

If you make yourself a nice sandwich, it is good. If you make yourself ten sandwiches and eat them all at once, it is bad.

From the start, you should aim to be creative.

Have an idea. Go for it. Take initiative. Invite others to join you. Ask for volunteers. Invest time in it. Invest money in it.

Make it valuable.

Make it count.

It is the gift of mankind to create. Do not let it slide by. It need not take your whole life. You can be creative for five minutes a day. You can write a short poem in that duration, or make a quick drawing. Do only that every day, and you will end up having written hundreds of poems or hundreds of drawings in just a year.

Do you have five minutes to spare of your day? Oh, I think you do.

You might just be able to spare a whole hour of your day.

Why spend a whole hour of your day being creative? Is it worth it?

It is more than worth it. Being creative will become a thing you come to love doing in a short while. Besides being a pleasurable activity, it will improve your life and that of others inevitably. The benefits are far too vast and various to list them all, but you will just have to try and see for yourself.