It’s no easy task to make a friend. It might have been easy as a kid, but not later in life.

As a child, you are less concerned whether someone is much like you. They are a perfect candidate for you to play with, simply for being available.

Do not make quick assumptions about someone because they act or look differently than you. You may still become good friends, regardless of what you predict.

Always be friendly. This is the key to approaching people, whether you’d like to befriend them or not. Act is if they were already your friends.

Change this about how you present yourself to people and you will soon find a long list of people to call friends. Giving a person the chance for you to become friends is the first step to making one.

You will also be happier interacting with people. There is no worry of how to act with this or that person. You only have one rule of acting with all people. Being friendly.