Be wary of the audience you are speaking to. Whether it is one person or a full auditorium.

You are your word. Maybe even more so, you are the total of your words. And even more accurately, you are the total of your words in the order they’re spoken.

For a political figure, word order might always be a high priority. Same for a priest, or a lawyer, or a teacher.

However, you should choose the points you want to make in a careful order in any situation. Including talking to your partner, boss, friend, neighbor, stranger, etc.

Casual talk is not a dump for talking without thinking.

In every word you speak, and with every person you speak, have an order of ideas specifically tailored for the one who is listening.

Use lead-ins, but do not only talk around the subject. State the subject clearly, at least once or twice, even if you start by using analogies or illustrating into patterns. Or skip the analogies and talk straight.

Some audiences accept poeticism, and some cannot condone it. There is always a vague idea of the one you are speaking to, and the context you are in, to use that into the consideration of what you speak.