It’s a scary thing, being among people. Even if you feel confident about it, there is always the possibility that someone might arise who want to use you, harm you, insult you.

You can’t run away from such instances. They will happen.

But you cannot start with the assumption that people are up to mess you up somehow, or stomp on your dignity, or steal from you, or lie to you, or fool you.

Use the principle of innocent until proven guilty.

While interacting with people, allow them the courtesy of just being other parties in the interaction, with no specific intent towards you. Usually, they are simply trying to get through the day, go home, rest, and finally go to sleep.

You are not their project, but one variable in a full array of variables.

Assume good or lack of intent first.

If the person proves to be of ill intent, make sure to avoid them or try to separate from them as soon as possible. This is for your own good and as an indirect punishment to the accused one, to signal the bad behavior publicly in order to give it the chance to correct.